domingo, 1 de julio de 2012



What's this?
This is a laptop.

What's this?

It's a celphone.

What are
that?It's a cat.


                                           What are these?
                                          They're are trucks.

       What are those?   
       They're are laws.

What's in my Bag?

1. I have cosmetics in my bag.
2. I have a purse in my bag.
3. I have a perfume in my bag.
4. I have an antibacterial in my bag.
5. I have a pendrive in my bag.
6. I have laws in my bag.
7. I have a pencil in my bag.
8. I have a pen in my bag.
9. I have a notebook in my bag.

The perfect gift of my Dad

 ¿What's the perfect gift of my dad?
The perfect gift of my dad serious a truck or a light truck since serious him of many usefulness for his company. The name of my dad is Enio Franco. He is the best father and very fighter.

A poem for my Dad

Affectionate, generous, responsible, nice. Father of Enio, Enibeth, Ennis and emily. Much likes his trabajp and to help the people. It him is afraid to the soludad and to stop one day to his family. It wants to see his grandsons to grow. He likes his family and resident of my life. Franco

Enio Franco.
By: Emily Franco.

Picture story Homework. Unit 4 task 1.

-What this doing Martha?
This one trotting.

-What this doing the baby?
Is sleeping.

-What this doing Enibeth?
This one cleaning his house.

-What this doing Marcela?
Studying this one.

-What this doing Jose?
This one working

Photo with lots of people doing different things. Unit 4 Task 2.

1. Pablo and María dance.
2. The family went on holidays to the beach.
3. Paola sings in a festival.
4. The dogs play.
5. Delia does exercises.